I would like to take the time to tell you how elated I was to meet Jay Dunbar. I own a real small martial arts studio in Madison Va, and I was trying to find new ways to bring in potential customers for my business. Jay simply gave me some tips, and walked me through the process of getting my website on the first page of major search engines. I couldn't believe it! In only a few days my website went from being on page twenty to being 1st on Google. Jay explained to me in layman terms, how the search engines and website tags really work. I went from a pure novice to a web expert in a short amount of time. Thank you Jay for allowing a small business owner like me to feel at ease.
Gene Chung   lifeskillsselfdefense

I own four retail music stores in Charlotte and wanted to increase my traffic through the internet. Raleigh Wi-Fi was able to optimize my Google Places sites and place us at the top of page one within a couple of days. Cd Warehouse has 4 of the 14 listings on page one of Google including the top rank overall. Check it here. We have gotten a ton of new business from sites that Google build for us at no cost. If you are looking for effective advertising give him a call..
Jim Hanyak   CD Warehouse

Windrose Trading is an international company that imports the finest incense and handcraft gifts. We hired Raleigh Wi-Fi to increase our internet presence and global reach. We were very happy with speed and effectiveness of the strategy that was implemented. I would recommend Raleigh Wi-Fi to anyone looking for fast and powerful results with their website..
Jim Sanders   Windrose Trading
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