Raleigh Internet Marketing
Raleigh Wi-Fi is a internet marketing company specializing in helping local businesses improve their web presence. We offer business-class free Wi-Fi that has an integrated marketing platform. We also help clients create and optimize social media, email and web sites. Did you know that online purchases represent only 7% of total sales in 2010.

That means 93% of all purchases are done locally. Nearly all consumers (97%) now use online media to shop locally. Your customers are looking for you on line, can they find you? Traditional advertising is not cost-effective for small business, that's why everyone is trying social media.

There has never been a better time to leverage these free tools to grow your business and improve your customer service. As a small business owner since 1994 I know the challenges of trying to promote your business on a limited advertising budget, that's way I started Raleigh Wi-Fi . I wanted to show business owner how effective these methods can be. Let us help you achieve your sales goals through our proven system.

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Why Try Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi users are a highly desired demographic. They're affluent, increasingly mobile consumers, whose lifestyles and purchases make them influential. With an above-average annual household income and 37% with incomes above $100K per year, 75% are 25-49 years old and 65% have management titles