The number of Wi-Fi hotspot connections is expected to explode to 11 billion sessions by 2014, up from 2 billion in 2010 as mobile devices proliferate, according to research firm In-Stat. Customers expect free wireless access more than ever, why not receive something in return for providing that service. You will build customer loyalty and increase sales. Our wi-fi is secure and has content filter to block any inapproiate sites.

Durham Internet Marketing We will reduce your liability by having the customer agree to a terms of use agreement. But the most powerful feature is the ability to gain your customer's email address and zip code which can be used to promote your brand and increase sales. We can even have your website or Face book page as the landing page when they first log on. Raleigh Wi-Fi will install and manage your wireless hotspot.

We will also send out a monthly email to your customers. This is an easy way to run cost-effective marketing campaign and get your company involved in the online space. E-mail is one of the most affordable forms of advertising generating over $42 for every dollar spent. just for comparison sake radio returned $8.60 and television $6.81. Raleigh Wi-Fi uses Cisco routers that can handle up to 30 users. E-mail is just one advertising option for you, we can develop a marketing plan leveraging social media and local search also.

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Why Try Wi-Fi
According to J-Wire Wi-Fi users are a highly desired demographic. They're affluent, increasingly mobile consumers, whose lifestyles and purchases make them influential. With an above-average annual household income and 37% with incomes above $100K per year, 75% are 25-49 years old and 65% have management titles